BeeToo interface

The interface is the part of smart home system that user interacts every day. If the interface is pleased to the eye then your smart home is a pleasure.

We've developed the interface precisely and suggest to you to take advantage of our efforts.

Why the interface is so important?

The whole system of smart home is a complex architecture. It serves a connected purpose: to control everything easy and opportunities.

Complex architecture requires attention to detail. Reliability of system depends on the construction of communications and the choice of the smart home controller brand. Meanwhile, the user's desire is to manage their infrastructure beautifully and connected.

The selected controller and communications are hidden components and don't affect the user's life. Until they are working properly, of course ;)

That's why we put the interface on the first place. User sees and feels the interface every day. Quality interface design is a necessary condition of an excellent system of smart home.

What makes the BeeToo interface successful?

Pleasing appearance.

Balance between brightness and restraint.

Customers use our interfaces every day.

After one month of the implementation they no longer pay attention to the design's delights. That's why there is no long and excessively motion animations. There is only the smoothness and stability.

The main place is for the frequent functions!

The interface should clearly express the main function it was intended. We don't overload the interface with components and a variety of functions. That's why BeeToo interface can successfully be managed by the owner of house and his surprised guests.

To set the BeeToo interface, you need:

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